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“Transitions Makeup & Photo: Hollywood”

has provided quality creative services and support to the transgender, bi-gender, cross-dressing, and drag communities of Los Angeles and beyond for over 21 years. I am the sole owner and founder of this highly unique business and it is very important to me that my beloved business goes to the right person. If you are looking for a new and unique way to make a difference in someone's life, or if you know someone who needs a new direction in their life, then please read further.


After the best 21 years of my life serving this unique and ever-growing population, I am in search of a very special person (or team) to continue my legacy as I focus my energy on training, writing books, and producing instructional videos. My clients still need their services, so I would like to pass the torch to someone who is serious about a career change.

This business comes with a lot of perks, and the biggest one is full-time pay for part-time work, and that it allows you free time to do other things because you'll only work a few half-days a week. It will bring new friendships, business connections, and a HUGE new social network. The job itself is fun and interesting and different with every client. There will always be a need for the service because there will always be crossdressers and transgender women. They’re not going to go away.

 It’s a great investment because:

*THE EXPLOSION OF THE TRANSGENDER POPULATION: growing exponentially every day.

*THE EXPLOSION OF THE CROSS-DRESSING POPULATION: growing exponentially every day.


*NO COMPETITION: there is only one other business in California that is even remotely similar and they are in San Jose.

*CAN BE GIVEN AS A GIFT: for the person in your life who wants a career change.

*DOES NOT HAVE TO BE 100% TRANS-EXCLUSIVE: your training program will enable you to do other makeup and photography clients such as models, actors, families, etc.


1) TRAINING: I will teach you (or the person you give the business to) everything you need to know to start and maintain this business. I will teach gender-specific makeup, studio photography, posing, portrait retouching with Photoshop, using chroma-key (green-screen), image-processing and filing, etc. I will teach you everything because I want you to succeed.

2) INVENTORY: You will get my massive inventory (includes hundreds of dresses and gowns, skirts, blouses, shoes, etc.), wigs, undergarments/lingerie, shapewear, and accessories.

3) EQUIPMENT: You will get a brand new Nikon DSLR camera, a new 4-head photo-studio lighting kit (with umbrellas, stands, etc.), background stand, assorted backgrounds, carrying case, and a new (Toshiba or HP) laptop with Photoshop pre-installed.

4) MAKEUP: I will assemble a basic makeup kit for you to get you started, with a case and a professional makeup chair.  I am not including my personal makeup kit.

5) YOUR OWN ONLINE PRESENCE: I will link all of my social media profiles to yours; including my website to your website (which I will design for you), and you will get my huge client contact list (over 7,000 contacts).

6) ONGOING SUPPORT AND REFERRALS: I will remain available to you for transition and consultation for up to 90 days after you take over the business, and I will remain involved only for as long as you wish me to be. I will always refer clients to your new service. I will forward all business emails and calls directly to you, and your email address and phone number will be listed on all social media.

7)  OPERATION HANDBOOK: This is a document I will write especially for you, to remind you of general training principles, and how to handle specific issues if they arise. It will include a makeup and photography "cheat-sheet," as well as handy information that will serve as a "manual" for running this type of business.

8) NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT: This is a legal, notarized document that insures you that I will not license another location within 20 miles of yours and for at least one year.

9) GUARANTEE THAT YOUR LOCATION WILL BE THE MAIN ‘FLAGSHIP” LOCATION: This means that even if I ever license another location within the city, your location will be listed on the website as the main location. It's unlikely that I would even think about licensing other locations for at least a year, and I would not be involved in running any of them.


I will remain the sole owner of the brand in general, so I will retain rights to the name, logo, the current/existing website, and licensing rights for future locations outside of the 20-mile radius from your location. You are purchasing a permanent, royalty-free license to own and operate the main location of the business with a guarantee that I will not license another location near you. You are also responsible for paying for your own location, whether it’s an office, apartment, or small warehouse.

 SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE. If you don’t have access to funds to invest in a business, please do not respond.



You don't have to be in Los Angeles to own a location of Transitions Makeup & Photo. You can simply license a location in the city of your choice. You still get a start-up inventory of clothing, shoes, wigs, jewelry, accessories, as well as a full set-up of photography and lighting equipment. You'll receive thorough training from me, your own website in the same style as mine, including the use of my logo and concept. You'll also get your own email address, phone number, and social media platforms.


With this option, you'll receive training in gender-specific makeup, studio photography including green-screen techniques, and photo retouching with Photoshop. I will travel to your location for one week, during which you will train in all the areas mentioned above, as well as a crash course in managing and marketing this very unique business.